The Holy Scriptures in Spanish,
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Peshitta Tanakh
The Pshitta Tanakh is the ancient Scriptures translated into Lishana Aramaya (Aramaic language) from the original Hebrew text which pre-dated the Greek Septuagint text (LXX). The Aramaic Tanakh uses many Hebraic terms, many times transliterating the words and phrases rather than translating them. Often times the Aramaic Peshitta and the LXX agree against the Masoretic text. The Masoretic text is not the original Hebrew that was used by the translators of the Aramaic Pshitta. In other words, the text used by those who translated the Aramaic Pshitta is much older than the Masoretic text. The Aramaic Pshitta Tanakh was completed during the Apostolic Age (first century), while the standardized Masoretic text was completed between the seventh and tenth centuries C.E. These Scriptures are still used by Hebrew-Aramaic speaking peoples for study of the Scriptures and use in liturgy in the East.

New Interlinear Translation of the Peshitta (Aramaic/English)
"The Peshitta is the official Bible of the Church of the East. The name Peshitta in Aramaic means "Straight", in other words, the original and pure New Testament. The Peshitta is the only authentic and pure text which contains the books in the New Testament that were written in Aramaic, the Language of Mshikha (the Messiah) and His Disciples." - Paul Younan

Syriac Peshitto
British and Foreign Bible Society Edition of the Syriac Peshitto; Read the Syriac Bible Online - La Biblia Siriaco

HebrewAramaic Research
Articles related to the use of the Hebrew Aramaic Tanakh among Assyrian Jews, Assyrian Church of the East, other Christians and students of Aramaic in general; writings, reproductions and translations of classic authors of Assyrian Judaism, Assyrian Christianity, Alleppo Jews and Persian and Babylonian Jewry. This site also contains various Targums and translations of Targums in English.

Syriac Analytical Lexicon
Site also contains the Syriac Peshitto, Khabouris Codex, and various other resources.

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